Social sustainability

Protecting people and the environment with transparent and ethical principles

We firmly believe that it is our duty to actively contribute to a safer and more sustainable future. We therefore have the responsibility to lead with the highest ethical standards.

By signing the UN Global Compact in 2003, we committed ourselves to implementing the ten principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. We also support a number of social projects and institutions, particularly in the countries where we are active, because everyone has the right to a safe, healthy and carefree life. 

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Providing joy and work with every clamp and sleeve

Pipelife Austria and the sheltered workshop of the non-profit organization Lebenshilfe Lower Austria have been writing a very special success story for 30 years now. Its purpose is to help intellectually disabled people claim their rights to a meaningful life through meaningful work and activities.

For three decades, the workshop has been handling the secondary packaging of small electrical parts such as sleeves and clamps for Pipelife. 

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Protecting our clients with safe piping solutions

with all our solutions - our priority is that they are easy and safe to instal, use and maintain. Always looking for improvements, we provide instructions and helpful videos for safe installation. Produced to national and international standards. 

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Protecting our people with reliable safety tools

The safety of our people is a top priority at Pipelife. While our goal in business is usually to increase numbers, we do everything to decrease those in relation to accident rates. Thanks to a strong workforce commitment and reliable safety measures in place, we are on the right track in protecting what makes up Pipelife: us, the people, the “Pipelifers”.

By growing awareness around our safety measures and with the active participation of our employees, we are able to keep accident rates at an all-time low. 

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Our employees, partners and clients are all part of the Pipelife family, and together it is our responsibility to conduct business in a fair and sustainable way.  

We therefore have strict ethical principles and codes of conduct in place with transparent communication, to ensure our company, partners and employees comply fairly and legally.


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Our self-imposed environmental goals

In addition to our active contribution to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, we have also set our own environmental goals.

Our "Sustainability Roadmap 2015-2020" represents a self-imposed commitment to continuously reduce water, energy and electricity usage, as well CO2 emissions, while increasing recycled plastics in our production. 

Targets for 2020 have been met, and once again achieved a year earlier than planned. View the award winning report from our mother company Wienerberger, which outlines the Group’s sustainability strategy and commitments.

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