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Automated 3d printing technology

Underground storm- and wastewater infrastructures are receiving a significant upgrade thanks to Pipelife’s unique application of high-precision production. What so far has only served to manufacture single art objects or prototypes, is for the first time in history applied in mass production. As a global pioneer, we are using automatic 3D printing technology to produce fully customized polypropylene (PP) manholes as part of our storm- and wastewater product systems. 

Precision in civil engineering is taken a step further, with formerly difficult angles and heights within manhole profiles realized to perfection, and different in-and-outlet pipe diameters combinable at the click of a button. In addition to the benefits from almost infinite customization possibilities (R&D calculated 400 quadrillion options), the third-party test laboratory Deltares confirms exceeding product performance compared to classically fabricated products. Upfront computer calculations design manhole profiles with optimal flow properties, while 3D printing precision enables 1:1 implementation with smooth and seamless interiors. Less maintenance can therefore be expected as much as overall improved service of the complete storm- or wastewater system.

Automated 3D Printer for Inspection Chamber and Manhole Production  | Pipelife
3D printer
3D printer
Automated 3D Printer for Inspection Chamber and Manhole Production  | Pipelife

High pressure hydrogen transport

Together with Groningen Seaports, SoluForce by Pipelife has developed a Flexible Composite Pipe system for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix.

SoluForce hydrogen graphic

Smart Probing

Pipelife Netherland's innovation partner MMID came to the pilot test site to install and test one of the latest innovations for the potable water sector: a modular and truly Smart Probing Solution.

Learn more about this innovation in our News article.

Raineo: Smart stormwater management solution

Raineo is a smart and modular stormwater management solution. Catching, cleaning, storing, releasing and reusing of stormwater can be managed with a single system. From now on flood becomes fiction!


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