Sustainable Production

Providing safe and environmentally friendly products

As part of the Wienerberger Group, we have adopted and internalized the group's Sustainable Production Policy. Our goal is to produce the highest possible quality of products and in doing so, to protect our environment to the best of our ability. 

Key sustainability aspects for our production

New Energy

Energy and resource efficiency

Our goal is to increase energy and resource efficiency while improving product attributes. In the production of plastic piping systems, we set out clear and measurable goals with defined deadlines to reduce specific energy consumption and CO2 emissions. To meet these internal requirements, we use energy sources with the lowest possible level of emissions.

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Protecting our people

Safety at work is one of our top priorities at Pipelife, with greater safety and awareness measures being put in place throughout the Pipelife Group to further reduce the number of accidents. Our OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) system aims to be the best-in-class, while everyone's full commitment is keeping accident rates at an all-time low. 


Use of recycled materials

Most of our products are 100% recyclable, and some can even be recycled several times. Our cradle-to-cradle design ensures that pipes can be re-produced into new quality assured products, minimizing waste as much as posssible. We also continuously increase our ratio of recycled plastics in production.


Protecting nature

Most of the plastic found in the oceans originates from carelessly discarded bottles and packaging, but in some cases it is also resin pellets from the manufacturing industry. As a signee of "Operation Clean Sweep" and "Zero Pellet Loss", we are continously improving preventative measures throughout our whole production and supply chain, to keep nature as clean as possible.

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Quality and environmental management systems

Our goal is to produce the most environmentally friendly products, by lowering our energy and water use, raw materials and reducing our CO2 emissions. With quality management systems and environment measures established in all our production sites, the majority of our factories are certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), with a growing number of production locations meeting ISO 14001 standards (Environmental Management System).

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Our employees, partners and clients are all part of the Pipelife family, and together it is our responsibility to conduct business in a fair and sustainable way.  

We therefore have strict ethical principles and codes of conduct in place with transparent communication, to ensure our company, partners and employees comply fairly and legally.

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Our self-imposed environmental goals

In addition to our active contribution to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, we have also set our own environmental goals.

Our "Sustainability Roadmap 2015-2020" represents a self-imposed commitment to continuously reduce water, energy and electricity usage, as well CO2 emissions, while increasing recycled plastics in our production. 

Targets for 2020 have been met, and once again achieved a year earlier than planned. View the award winning report from our mother company Wienerberger, which outlines the Group’s sustainability strategy and commitments.

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Increase of recycled plastics in production

Having exceeded our sustainability targets twice ahead of time, we have once again set a new benchmark for the amount of recycled plastics used in production. 

All recycled plastics that re-enter the manufacturing process are quality-assured to the same high standard as our virgin materials, offering sustainable and environmentally responsible choices.

View the award winning report from our mother company Wienerberger, which outlines the consistent and transparent implementation of the Group’s sustainability strategy and commitments.

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How sustainable are our products?

Protecting people and the environment is an important part of our business strategy and production process. View our Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and explore our sustainable commitments, goals and achievements. 

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