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A smarter and more elegant solution for soil pipes

Smartline is a new way of thinking. This gives first and foremost a nice piping which is easy to keep clean. But the advantages are many - for all in the value chain. Smartline is in addition high quality and therefore safe. You will be proud to sell, install or have Smartline.

Modern design

What is the point of an elegant bathroom if you do not have attractive piping? For most people, excellent design is becoming increasingly important, resulting in more stringent requirements for new products on the market.

With the simple and streamlined design, Smartline is ideal for modern interiors. Open solutions in bathrooms and other wet rooms are growing in popularity. With Smartline, you get an affordable and reliable piping system which also looks good. Now you do not need to spend money on concealing the piping - you can display it with pride. The smooth joints not only create an attractive product: they also make maintenance and cleaning far easier. Smartline is also available in chrome, perfectly suited to the modern design-conscious consumer.

Easy to install

Smartline is just as smart as the name suggest. We have replaced the old way of installing pipes with a new and simpler solution, which also results in far more elegant joints. This means many benefits for the pipe fitter:

  • Smartline is approved for all installation situations
  • It can replace all existing piping systems
  • Pipes without sockets results in less wastage
  • Takes less space in concealed systems
  • 40 mm as the smallest dimension
  • A visually attractive product

All in one

Thanks to the new production technology, far fewer pipe parts are needed when Smartline is used. The system is an all-in-one-product which replaces other systems. This also means great advantages for the wholesaler:

  • Fewer components
  • It can replace existing piping systems from Pipelife
  • Higher turnover rate
  • Saves space - fewer pallets in storage
  • Better logistics

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