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Pipelife Norway AS

Pipelife Norway is Norway's largest producer and supplier of plastic pipe systems. The Pipelife Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of plastic pipes and associated parts. Our piping systems are used for water, sewage, gas, cable protection and electrical installations.

A significant proportion of our production is exported. This are especially PE tubes in large dimensions, where Pipelife Norway has developed an unique concept in the Western Hemisphere. The innovative drain system Smart Line is also an export commodity.

Pipelife Norway currently has two factories:

Tubes of polyethylene are produced in Stathelle. This is where Pipelife produces its large pipes in long lengths. The factory has around 50 employees.

Pipes and parts in PVC and polypropylene are manufactured in Surnadal. They are used for water and wastewater, HVAC, cable protection and electric installation. The factory has around 100 employees. It is also the company's headquarter.

In addition, the company has offices in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.
Factory Stathelle
Factory Stathelle
Factory Surnadal
Factory Surnadal